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Barkev's is a very well known and established jewelry designer based in Los Angeles, California. With unique engagement ring designs that range from simple and all the way to extravagant, couples who are about to take the plunge are bound to find a truly memorable ring.

As a project lead, my job was to analyze the website and find ways to improve it both visually and technically. This process required major research and restructuring to garner more sales and improve customer satisfaction.

A few of the hard questions that I had to answer were: What is customer satisfaction? How can we make the user experience more friendly? How can we convert browsers into interested customers?

Starting from the lowest level, I began to critically analyze every single page to find ways to improve the overall ease of use and visual quality, with a focus on simplicity to encourage fast turnarounds.


- A/B Testing


- Consulting

- Data Maintenance

- Responsive Design

- Feature Upgrades

Barkev's home page

When it comes to E-commerce, the most crucial part is the user experience. Making sure that all the information they require to make a purchase is clearly and easily visible, is the difference between a "window shopper" and a transaction. The products page needed a major face-lift in order to make things easier to read.

From there, I moved on to make the checkout process easier. By implementing a minimal approach to the checkout form, customers were filling out those fields a lot faster and easier. Asking for only the most crucial information to process a transaction, and using Google's autocomplete feature, we were able to confirm that our customers indeed became more confident in purchasing jewelry on the website with ease.

The content itself at Barkev's required restructuring. With over 2000 items to offer, it wasn't an easy task. I began by mapping the data in order to find connections and reduce duplication. I implemented a solution that allowed our customers to discover all variations of a particular SKU, thus allowing for hidden much less visited SKU's to be highlighted.

Scratch a match game design showing on a mobile device Scratch a match game design showing on a mobile device Scratch a match game design showing on a mobile device

Mobile Responsive

Since over 85% of online shopping happens on mobile devices these days, this is where I paid most attention. Making sure everything was clear and easy to use was a top priority to get the machine running and produce more sales.

Every single element on the page was A/B tested and measured. Even the most minute detail when shifted made a huge impact on bounce rate and execution. I had to make sure that everything is readable, clickable and the user experience was as fluid as spossible.

When our customers had questions, we made sure they know how to contact us. Displaying this section on every single product page not only increased phone calls, it also made the customers more confident in the brand itself.