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Listen, tweet, engage!

Drumpster is a Twitter bot that periodically and automatically retweets president Trump but...with a little twist!

For this project, I wanted to experiment with the Twitter API to create a bot that auto tweets. I didn't just want to create another bot, I wanted to make something unique...something funny.

I ended up using the Giphy API to attach a funny gif to each tweet resulting in a complete change of the tweet's context! I have no political bias whatsoever and the beauty is that it's up to the reader to decide how to comprehend the context of the tweet.

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- JavaScript

- Node

- Twitter API

- Giphy API

Trump Illustration

As simple as this project sounds, you really never know what technical issues you might face until you really dig deep into the coding. I faced many challenges during the process, to say the least.

Starting with Twitter's API, which doesn't allow you to post a link to an image and attach that to a tweet. You physically have to attach an image or gif from a hard drive which proved to be a headache!

To solve this issue, I had to download a random gif from Giphy, physically save it on the server and then upload it to Twitter and finally attach it to the tweet. A painful workflow indeed!